5 Facts to Maximize Your Chances of Winning the International Lottery

The lottery can be mentally straining, especially when you are always anxious about your odds at winning and keeping your expectations high. While it is ideal to keep your expectations low, it is equally important to know the strategies to boost your odds of winning the international lottery. However, there is no sure-shot way to win the lottery. But here is a list of facts to maximize your chances of winning the international lottery.

Fact No. 1: The Odds of Winning a Lottery Ticket

As per the report of CDC numbers, you are 1 in 30,000 times more likely to get injured in the washroom as compared to 1 in 10,000 times of winning in the Mega Million lottery draw. Winning a lottery is all about the odds.

•    In Powerball, your odds of winning are 1 in 175,223,510.

•    In Mega Millions your odds of winning stand at 1 in 175,711,536.

•    In EuroMillions, the winning odds stand at 1 in 116,531,800.

•    In EuroJackpot, your odds at winning is 1 in 59,325,280

You still have a chance to win if you have the right strategies along with some serious good luck!

Fact No. 2: Lottery Pools Have Higher Chances of Winning

This is one of the sure-shot ways to boost your winning. Join a lottery pool. A group of co-workers won the $543 million Mega Million Lottery this year. Lottery pools are where people come together to buy more tickets. More tickets mean higher odds at winning. However, lottery pools can be difficult to maintain as the more the number of people, the more complicated things get between them over money matters.

Fact No. 3: Less Popular Lottery Games Have Higher Odds of Winning

There are many international online lotteries that aren’t very popular like the Powerball or the MegaMillions but have a relatively higher chance of winning. These are:

•    Polish Mini Lotto (max jackpot of 57 lakhs), which has the odds of 30 jackpot winners each month.

•    Next in line is the Swedish lotto (180 lakhs)

•    Australian Lotto (68 lakhs)

•    Irish Lotto (130 lakhs)

Fact No. 4:  Picking Your Ticket Number Based on Statistics

It is impossible to get hands on any software that can get you the winning lottery ticket. However, there is enough evidence that there are certain numbers, which are drawn more often than others.  For instance, in Euromillions, the most common numbers drawn in main numbers are 50 with a high frequency of 130 times, 44 with the second highest frequency of 129 times and 23 with a frequency of 124 times.

Likewise, the most drawn numbers in the lucky stars are 8 with a total frequency of 227 and the number 3 ranking next with a drawing frequency of 224. The frequency of the same has been calculated over a period of 18 months. Hence, it is advised to do thorough research before choosing any number. Many people pick ticket numbers based on numerology or personal choice.

Fact No. 5: Winning Jackpot Isn’t Everything

The one who wins the jackpot is all over the news, but there are other winners too. Most International lotteries have various tiers of lotteries, which also have higher odds of winning. For instance, the Powerball has 9 tiers of winning a prize and here is a break-up of the odds of winning each tier:

•    Ninth tier- 1:13

•    Eighth tier- 1:91

•    Seventh Tier- 1:579

•    Sixth tier- 1:701

•    Fifth tier- 1:14000

•    Fourth tier- 1:36000

•    Third tier- 1:910000

•    Second tier- 1:11,000,000

•    The jackpot- 1:290,000,000

Playing more will mean more odds of winning, even if the odds are higher in the 9th and 8th tier. The winning money is still higher than the price of tickets. This can be also a wealth-gaining investment. While your target remains the jackpot price, there is always a higher chance of winning the various tiers of the lottery and gaining more money than you actually invested.

How a lottery can benefit you depends on how you play it. You must have a fun and light-headed approach to participating in a lottery draw. You can play a wide number of international lotteries on Lottoland, which is the world leader in providing a platform for the various lotteries happening worldwide. Lottoland is launching a website soon in India for Indians to bet small amounts and win big money.