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5 Ways to Conquer Bad Habits

Bad habits are more than just vices. They’re daily interruptions and often keep you from accomplishing your goals. Most bad habits also put your health at risk. Knowing all we know about bad habits, why do we keep doing them?

Breaking a bad habit isn’t easy, but it also isn’t impossible. Here are 5 proven ways to conquer bad habits so that you can enjoy the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

1. Replace vs. Eliminating

The fact is that all of your habits, both good and bad, exist for a reason. Somehow, these habits benefit you, even if they’re also bad for you. Even though bad habits have their drawbacks, it’s the benefits that keep you stuck in the cycle. Maybe you smoke cigarettes to calm your nerves. Or maybe you’re addicted to checking your phone because you want to feel connected.

Because all habits offer some sort of benefit, eliminating them typically isn’t the best course of action. Instead, you’ll want to focus more on replacing them.

Let’s start with a common bad habit, like smoking. Most people aren’t successful at quitting cold turkey because it eliminates the act altogether. You’ll find that more people succeed at using nicotine replacement therapy or a smoking alternative, like vaping.

By using the best vape with the proper e-juice, you’re able to enjoy the experience of smoking without touching a cigarette. The healthier alternative allows you to continue to enjoy the benefits without putting your health at risk.

2. Avoid Triggers

Once you’ve found a good substitution for your habit, the next step is to avoid as many triggers as you can. If you tend to smoke after drinking or in high stress situations, avoid the bar and find ways to manage your stress. By avoiding triggers as much as possible, you make it much easier on yourself to break bad habits.

Take time to change your environment. Get rid of anything that smells like smoke. Throw out your junk food. The problem is that right now the environment you have encourages bad habits. Even making simple changes can have a huge impact on the daily triggers you face.

3. Be Committed

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried many times in the past to kick a bad habit to the curb. But chances are you’ve failed because you never got to the point that you really and deeply wanted to change. In order to end a bad habit, you have to be 100% committed to it. You have to commit wholeheartedly, otherwise you can all but ensure that you’re going to fail.

Commitment starts with a plan and without one, you’re destined to end up back where you started. Take the time to develop steps you need to take to end your habit. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

4. Partner Up

Quitting smoking alone is hard, just as it can feel impossible to reach your weight loss and fitness goals with no one in your corner. It’s much easier to conquer a bad habit when you’ve got someone along the journey for you. Since we all have our vices, it shouldn’t be hard to find someone in your social circle who is also looking to kick a bad habit to the curb.

Finding someone to quit with not only offers support, it also gives you someone who you’ll be accountable to. Knowing that someone else is expecting you to be better and stick to quitting is one of the best motivators that you’ll find. As time progresses, you can celebrate victories together.

5. Visualize It

Anyone can think they want to put an end to a bad habit. You can also write it on paper or post about it on social media. But the only way to truly be successful in ending a bad habit is to bring it to life. Visualize your success and imagine how better life will be once your bad habit is a problem of the past. Imagine dealing with temptation but the ability to say no and feeling proud of yourself.

By visualizing your goal, success seems like less of a dream and more of a reality. Positive visualization reinforces positive behavior patterns, making it much easier to stick with them.


Getting rid of a bad habit is a tough decision to make and an even tougher decision to stick to. Keep these tips in mind to put an end to bad habits for good, paving the way for long-term health and happiness.

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