Audiobooks Made Easy with Audible

Let me start out by saying that I love audiobooks. Television and movies are ok, but as far as I’m concerned, most of humankind’s greatest stories have come from books. With centuries worth of material, a person is unlikely to ever run out of good books.

But there’s just one problem…with the way that the modern lifestyle is, most of us just don’t have time to read. If you’re like me, you probably have a huge list of books you want to read but can’t read because you are too busy with the business of making a living and making life work.

The solution to this problem is audiobooks! If you have an iPod or an mp3 player of some kind, you can load it up with audiobooks. The files are tiny by modern standards, so let’s say you’ve got an iPod with 32 GB, which is fairly small. You can probably fit enough books on that iPod to account for what would fill an entire bookshelf at home. So, now you can listen to all these good books you’ve been wanting to read as you walk around town, go about your daily tasks, and maybe even while working at your job. is a website that provides audiobooks on demand for audiences all over the world. You simply pay a small monthly fee for access to the site, and from there you can choose from an absolutely enormous variety of titles. Fiction, nonfiction, any genre you could name…. it’s all there. Audible is owned by Amazon, the same company that started out primarily as a seller of books. Obviously, the management at Amazon realizes like so many others that, in their words, “reading is the new listening”.

This audiobook service only costs 15 dollars a month. That’s actually really good. Consider how much you pay for internet access? It’s probably quite a bit more than fifteen dollars. In fact, you have probably spent more on a single meal than that, so that price shouldn’t be hard for anyone. Of course, you still have to pay for individual audiobook files, but they tend to be quite cheap. You can cancel the service anytime you like, and you can even exchange or return audiobooks that you don’t like! With such a huge library to choose from, they can obviously afford to be this generous.

I mentioned iPods earlier, but the service works on any device. If you want to do some reading on your phone, laptop, or tablet device, that’s no problem. In fact, they will even hold your page for you if you switch devices in the middle of listening. That’s a lot better than grabbing random scraps of paper for bookmarks like I used to do!

They have some other bonuses to offer as well. One great thing is that they give you one free credit per month, as long as you keep up with your monthly bill. This is good because it means you can always get at least one book a month even if you cannot afford more. At present they are also offering 30% off in exclusive member savings.