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Experience the Savory Goodness of a Unique Brazilian Steakhouse

There are several ways to have a cultural experience without going anywhere outside one’s country. One way is to fly or travel to that destination and stay there for a few days. Another way is to go to a museum, see an exhibit or display that would provide a glimpse of other communities. One can also experience a culture through its culinary traditions. While this journey does not require a ticket, it could be as rewarding on a palate-pleasing level. For those who have never been to Brazil but would like to experience its unique cuisine, start an adventure with a visit to a Brazilian steakhouse.

The All-You-Can-Eat Tradition

The rodizio is one of the most exciting culinary practices to have been shared by Brazil to the whole world. It features an-all-you can eat concept that has broadened its influence outside the country. The Brazilian rodizio involves restaurant patrons paying just a fixed price for lunch or dinner. During the course of the meal, servers bring different dishes to the table to be sampled by the customer.

Brazilian Steaks and Other Cuisine

Another Brazilian tradition is the churrascaria, which involves a rotisserie like preparation for meats. The roasting tradition is rooted in the fire-grilled methods of the South American gauchos. These skilled horsemen from Brazil and other countries in the region prepared their cuts of meat using this cooking style. In the Brazilian tradition, the meats are cooked over charcoal until the right flavors are achieved. In other South American cultures, wood is used to fire up the roast. Modern establishments combine the rodizio and churrascaria traditions. Servers bring an all you can eat choice of meat, fish, and sausages.

Many Options to Choose From

One of the common cuts served in the modern churrascaria is the picanha. Other portions that are served in a churrascaria menu include the filet mignon, which are choice cuts of sirloin steaks. Churrascarias also serve other types of meat, including lamb and pork ribs. For those who love sausages, these establishments usually include this selection in the menu.

Today’s rodizio and churrascaria style restaurants, such as the Chicago Brazilian steakhouse, has adopted the same concept. For steakhouses, the servers bring choice cuts of beef, pork, chicken, or any type of meat. Most modern Brazilian steakhouses present the choice meats on a skewer. They are usually served with a side dish of vegetables, grains, plantains, or any traditional dish. There are several ways to signal when the customer is full. Some place a colored card in front of their plate, others have decorative stones. Unless the customer signals the server, the parade of food will not stop.

Even without a ticket, one can get to know a certain group of people through their food. An example is Brazil and their unique rodizio and churrasco style culinary traditions. Known for their unique and flavorful meat preparation techniques, one can have a sample of this tradition by visiting an authentic Brazilian steakhouse.