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First of all, you need to prepare the toilet itself and tools. For the installation of the toilet, you will need a corrugated flexible, flexible hose that will bring water to the tank, sealant, tow, roulette or ruler, perforator or impact drill.

The toilet bowl can be installed not in any corner of the toilet room, but only in close proximity to the sewer pipe. Determine the level of the hole for draining. If the hole is a few centimeters higher than the outlet of the toilet, you can install the sink on a pedestal. It is also possible to modify the pipe, in this case, the branch is lowered below. With the cc plumbing prices you will find the best deals.

Next to the toilet there should be a pipe of the water supply system, which will be responsible for the supply of water. Pay attention to the presence of a stopcock.

Put the toilet on the place where it should stand. Look at the side to its position, measure, the length of the corrugation you need. If in doubt, you can take a picture of the toilet in such a position and consult a consultant’s shop about the corrugation. You can check the toilet for leaks. If it is installed correctly, even a bucket of water poured into the tank will quickly pass without leaks. Do not forget to remove water from the tank after the tests. You will find the hdb plumber serivces prices there.

Fastening of a toilet bowl can be carried out in several ways.

1. We use dowels and screws.

When fixing the toilet to the floor, you need to measure the attachment points. To do this, use a pencil, which through the holes we place tags on the floor of the toilet. Check the marks several times.

In the concrete is installed a wooden platform on which the toilet is mounted. It is fixed by screws or dowels to a tree. In this case, you should be very careful when screwing screws, so as not to crack the faience. Screws can be greased with grease, a small piece of leather or rubber, a metal washer should be placed under the head. It is recommended to install a rubber sheet gasket between the toilet seat and the floor in which it is necessary to make a water outlet.

2. We glue the toilet bowl

If the floor in the toilet is made of concrete, or the tile is on the floor, fixation with epoxy glue can be made. With a metal spatula, apply the composition to the bottom surface of the toilet bowl in the four corners. Calculate the application in such a way that the adhesive layer is not thicker than 4-5 mm. The total area to be glued should not exceed 20 cm2. Tightly press the toilet bowl to the floor, it should be at rest for about 12 hours.

You can use cementing composition. But if you chose epoxy glue, then note that the room should have good intake and exhaust ventilation. When working with an adhesive, use gloves. Avoid food while handling glue. If the epoxy adhesive has got on an unprotected skin site, then immediately wash it with acetone. Rinse this place with soap under running warm water.