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Italian Cooking Hacks you Need to Know

Italians are known for their love for food, and this is very much apparent in their cuisine. Every region has a different way of doing things, but collectively, their food is superb. In fact, I personally believe that Italian cuisine is the best in the world! No wonder, restaurants like Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, are always full.

Want to cook like a legit Italian? Keep on reading and learn from some of the tips that I will be sharing in the rest of this post.

Think of Seasonal Recipes

If you eat in the top 5 Italian restaurants in Manhattan, you will see that their menu changes from time to time, depending on the ingredients that are available. One of the characteristics of Italian cooking is that it uses only fresh ingredients. Therefore, you have to cook based on the fresh ingredients that are available. With fresh produce, the food will end up not only mouthwatering but also nutrient-dense.

Do Not Add Ketchup in your Pasta

To cook like a true Italian, you must know that a ketchup should be used only in your hotdog or fries! You should never use it in making pasta sauces. With the latter, you have to use only tomato sauce. Using ketchup is considered a culinary crime!

Add Salt to your Pasta

For those who love cooking pasta, adding salt is one of the hacks that should be practiced. Adding salt will add flavor to the pasta and will also help to keep the pasta water thicker, which will be an ingredient for the sauce that you will prepare later on. According to Italian chefs, for every quart of water, you have to add one tablespoon of salt.

Choose the Right Olive Oil

An olive oil is one of the most important ingredients in Italian cooking. However, take note that not all olive oils are the same. With this, when selecting an olive oil to use, look at what the label says and know what it means. If you want the oil with the highest grade, choose extra virgin olive oil, which will work best for salads. For baking and sautéing, virgin coconut oil will be best. The flavors of olive oil can also differ.

Start from Scratch

Italians are known for being patient when it comes to cooking. This means that you should cook from scratch if you want your meals to taste good! Using canned sauces may seem convenient, but they do not have the authentic flavor that Italian cuisine is known for. From pasta sauces to meatballs, find the time and exert effort to make them from scratch.

Cook with Wine

Wine in Italy is not just for drinking but also for cooking. Aside from olive oil and garlic, wine is another ingredient that you will always see in Italian recipes. They are especially popular when used with pasta sauces. There is no need to worry about alcohol since it evaporates when cooking and it is only the flavor of the wine that will remain.

Cook like a true-blue Italian chef with the tips that have been mentioned above! It is easier than what you might have initially thought!