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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Warns Comedians Against Using Pastors In Their Comedy Routines While Bringing God’s Word To The World

overseer of the Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris is cautioning comedians about using any pastor as a part of their comedy routine. While attending a church gathering, Pastor Chris made it clear the message was not coming from him, but from God. On every month’s first Sunday, Pastor Chris comes for worship. Eben led the worship section, and Pastor Deola led the prayers during this gathering.

Pastor Chris receives his inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and conducts a dialogue section so he can answer any questions. He issued his warning to the comedians because he does not believe jokes should be told regarding men of God. He believes if these comedians persist, there will be consequences they must suffer.

Pastor Chris told the comedians not to use their comedy for the purpose of making fun of the pastors. He believes if this continues the lives of these comedians will become a comedy. He stated others will see a reduction in their lives. This means when people see them they will wonder what has become of them and their lives. He said sacred things are not a joke, and sacred places are occupied by the pastors. He warned them to learn what can and cannot be joked about.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes when God wants to see a man destroyed, He will send a prophet as a man of God. He stated no man of God should ever be played or joked with.

Pastor Chris is driven to see people across the world moving towards the divine life and knowledge made possible through Jesus Christ. Millions of individuals are living a life of purpose, and have experienced victories due to the word of God.

Pastor Chris leads healing crusades and massive teachings in the cities and nations that comprise the world. One of the epochal meetings took place in Nigeria, and over 3.5 million people attended during just one night to hear the word of God. Pastor Chris showed people the easiest way to discover the true importance of Christ. He watches over a consistently growing network of churches and fellowships that cover five continents with his teaching ministry. He is teaching people how to build their faith in Christ within their hearts, and every individual can gain insight into the realities and virtues of Christianity.

Episodes of the teachings of pastor Chris are seen in the United Kingdom, South-Africa, and Nigeria. Major radio stations and television networks broadcast Pastor Chris all over Africa, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and into the United Kingdom. His teachings have gained so much popularity, they are available in both video and audio formats.

Pastor Chris has become know all over the world for his healing ministry, the Healing School of Christ. He has made a commitment to heal nations, and bring Jesus Christ’s healing works to today’s world. Through his ministry, so many people have received healings with the gifts of the spirit. These gifts have made these individuals well again, and they are now restored to a complete and total state of soundness.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is additionally a prolific author. When he wrote Rhapsody of Realities, it became a masterpiece and a best seller. This is the number one devotional for the world, and distributed on a monthly basis. There are more than half a billion copies in the world in 800 languages.

The first Christian Satellite Network running for 24 hours was pioneered in 2003 by Pastor Chris. His teaching came from Africa and were seen by the entire world. This has grown to five separate satellite stations, and the network is still growing.