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The Essentials of a Flavorful Steak

There is no bad day that a good steak cannot fix, at least, if you are a carnivore like me. A juicy and flavorful steak is sure to give you a filling meal. But, what exactly does make a steak flavorful? What are the secrets to making it tasty, similar to those that you can find in some of the best restaurants in Buckhead, Atlanta? Keep on reading and learn from some of the secrets that will be shared in the rest of this post.

Buy a Meat with Premium Quality

The foundation of any great steak is the meat. This will have the most impact in its overall flavor, which makes it important to pay attention to the right choice of meat when you are making your own steak. When choosing the best cut of meat for your steak, choose parts that are oozing with flavor while also making sure that they will be tender. The method of cooking or the recipe will also have an impact on the meat. Buy your meat only from a trusted butcher and make sure that it is fresh.

Pair it with the Right Sides

Every time I eat at American Cut Steakhouse, my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, I look forward not only to the steak but also to the sides. Their side dishes are perfectly done and have flavors that balance the taste of the steak. They are never overpowering in terms of their taste. Some of my favorite sides to go with my steak include mashed sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, beef fat fries, and grilled asparagus, among others.

Find the Perfect Sauce

For the best flavor of your steak to unravel, you also have the find the right sauce that will complement the meat. The trick here is to make sure that the sauce will not overpower the taste of the steak. Also, you have to use the sauce sparingly. Some of the easy to make steak sauces include salsa verde, spicy chimichurri, teriyaki sauce, red wine sauce, and blue cheese sauce. When the meat is already delicious and the sauce is perfect, it will surely make the steak an epic meal!

Season it Generously

When it comes to seasoning the steak, do not skimp. Simplicity is important, but this does not mean that you will underwhelm the steak with the seasonings. Before you season the steak, make sure that you leave it first at room temperature. If you season while it is still frozen, the flavors will be gone once the ice melts. Use at least ¾ teaspoon of salt when seasoning every pound of meat. Make sure that you apply salt on both sides. Brush it with a small amount of oil and put pepper on the top.

You do not need to be an expert and experienced chef to come up with a flavorful meat. With the tips and tricks that have been mentioned above, it will be easy for you to come up with a restaurant-quality steak in the comfort of your own kitchen!