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The Importance of Graphs for Science Presentations

Science requires a lot of presentation to go along with all the research that you have done. You might have completed compelling research, but that research does not go very far if you are not using the correct graphs to represent the work that you did. Have a look below at ways that you can build your presentations, make them all easy to see, and create a place where all your readers have a clear understanding of what they see.

Why Are Graphs Important?

Science graphs are a large part of the presentation that you make to anyone regardless of their status in the scientific community. You might use graphs because you believe that they offer the best look at what you are hoping to explain, or you could use graphs because they can be color-coded. The stark nature of a traditional graph is such that you could use it to get your point across in one image.

How Are They Built?

You can build graphs in any way that you want, but you must create them using a program that will use your data in the simplest form possible. You could adjust your graphs in an online system that will continually update the graph you have created until you see what you want to see. You might want to build a graph that is suitable for your students, or you could build a graph that you believe will be easier for your audience to read. Your audience might be scientists, and you must build something that is much more academic.

How Are They Shared?

Sharing these documents is much easier when you have invested in something that works online. You might send the URL to someone to review, or you could share your research online where other people can see it. You might go so far as they use these documents in a publication that you have created, or you could simply post your graph on social media for others to review. You must find a way to share your graph that is easy for others to read, or you could save it for use in another document.

The Size

You can adjust and crop your graph to any size you want so that it will fit into the places where it must go. You might have created a large paper where the graph must suit a specific page, and you will find that the size of the graph is far easier for to manage in a program made specifically for that purpose.


The graphs that you have made for your presentations must be built in a manner that fa exceeds expectations. Everyone has seen the old graphs that do not have much color or style. You need a graph that allows you to present your ideas, add text, and change the size as needed. You could share these graphs in any place that you like, and they will convey your message with ease.