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The New Year with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

An enthusiastic crowd welcomed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to the stage at the Dec. 31, 2017, New Years Eve Service. Pastor Chris is a passion-driven teacher of the ministry. The good pastor Chris, the president of LoveWorld inc and now world-renowned author. A public figure devoted to reaching out to all of the followers of Christ. Minister Chris of the Healing School of Christ Embassy is now known globally. He has helped many find healing works of the world today. With a best-selling masterpiece Rapsody of Realities that is a monthly publication. This publication printed in over 800 languages distributing to half a billion globally. Chris is also one of the pioneers the 24 hour Christian Sattelite Network. This network has grown to multiple LoveWorld networks broadcasting globally as well as across the web.

Pastor Chris shared the recent success of the book Rapsody of Realities. The success of loveWorld and the impact that it made on T. V., Radio, and across the web. The effect of the Ministry on millions of children through Inner-City Mission. The Inner-City Mission is a nonfunded government organization that is faith-based. However, consults with the United Nations to reach poverty-stricken children in remote areas. A Mission devoted to finding a practical solution to the poverty population. A solution that will be sustainable in the urban and rural areas to help assist those that are struggling.

The Healing School is a Ministry of Reverend Chris dedicated to reaching out to countries like South Africa and Canada. The school unites the followers to share the healing. The Ministry has a T.V. broadcast with Pastor Chris that you can view worldwide. Over a million viewers can attend the Healing school around the world.

The International School of Ministry is training new ministers to build a bridge to all the nations of the world. The Ministry gives the option of being tutored by Pastor Chris. A curriculum with course topics with lectures that are detailed and insightful. The courses will cover finance, growth along with an introduction to the Ministry. Members progress into Administration ending with a doctorate. Everyone has an opportunity to register and gain access to options like after-school communities. Other options include Minister Network and Alumni Association. The Ministry is taking applicants from any nation who speak any language. Every year in South Africa is a session and the tuition is free.

Following was the 9th annual Future African Leader Awards. FALA is an initiative to expanding the potential leadership in Africa. By identifying and supporting individuals that have shown exceptional skills in educating and impacting the youth of Africa. An overjoyed Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu was this year winner. Last years LIMA winner Martin PK performed his new single Beautiful Jesus. The LoveWorld Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) is a Christ-centered awards ceremony. This ceremony features top acts from music to comedy. Sinach who not only wrote over 500 songs but has 25 years of worship as a leader. Sinach was joined by Pastor Chris, during the performance for audiences around the world.