The Things That A Lot Of Christians Are Doing Wrong

There are tons of things that Christians are doing wrong on a daily basis. A lot of people think that going through the motions of rituals will cleanse them of their sins and excuse their behaviors. However, the truth is that people are simply breaking the rules that the Bible puts down and are turning themselves into degenerates as a result. 

For example, a lot of people think that just attending church makes them a good person. Here is a news flash: attending church does not make you a good person if you are the meanest person of the lowest morals. Some people think that bragging about “being religious” or attending a religious institution makes them a good person, look good in the eyes of their god and/or look good in the eyes of other people. Here is a news flash: the Bible actually says that it is wrong to parade around saying, “Hey, look at me, I attend church! I attend church! This automatically means I’m a good person!” If you have to parade around your supposed beliefs and/or affiliation, it may mean that a) You are trying to deceive people and gain trust or, b) You are not really faithful and are trying to convince yourself that you’re religious to make you feel good about yourself without actually putting in the effort to make yourself into a better person. 

What is also interesting is the fact that a lot of people claim to identify with Christianity, yet they are very shallow and materialistic. Jesus did not look fondly upon rich people, as well as those putting down other people for being poor. By trying to keep up with the Jones’s, constantly striving for material wealth and shunning those who don’t have it, Christians are automatically sinning. Saying things like, “I bet you buy your clothes at Walmart,” or “I bet you’re poor,” is not very Christian. The next time you go to Elevate Life Church McKinney or some other church, think about the last time you have said such things to people. 

Another not-very-Christian thing that people do is compulsively lie. It is shocking how often people lie. Many times, people lie for the sole purpose of slandering other people. If you identify as a Christian and you have a history of lying, cheating and backstabbing at work in situations where you didn’t have to, you should be ashamed of yourself. The same goes for family drama. If you lie, cheat and steal to get one over on family members, you are being a scumbag. No amount of going to church, singing gospel songs or counting rosary beads is going to fix how much of a total scumbag you are. The best that you can do to reach godly level of behavior is to think about your actions, why you do them, what the meanings behind them are and what they imply to people. Be mindful of your behavior and the fact that you can have a surprising amount of influence over other people, even if you don’t think so.