Top 3 Fashion Choices That Kill It on the First Date

Whether you’ve made up your mind to date a cowboy, have a crush on someone who’s not your type in general but you still find him very interesting or you want to give someone a chance who’s been very persistent and has earned it, you don’t have to worry about what to wear because we’ve got that covered. Below, you’ll find the simplest of ideas that will pretty much make his head spin, and he won’t even know what hit him.

1.     A Romantic Dress

It doesn’t matter what season it is, how hot or cold it is outside or whether it’s pouring cats and dogs, nothing says ‘I’m into you’ like a romantic dress. It sends an unambiguous message that not only are you emotionally available but that you like the person sitting across the table from you. Mind you, being available and having a crush on someone doesn’t mean you’re desperate, especially if you keep in mind that with the right girl no guy in the world is cold-hearted. They all pretty much purr like kittens, so if you want your outfit to tell a story as well, go for a nice, flowy dress that shows off your shape but isn’t overly sexy because that would just make the wrong impression. Show just enough skin, a hint of your cleavage, and leave the rest to the imagination. The only thing that season can affect is your choice of footwear, but more on that below.

2.     Comfortable Heels

‘Comfortable heels’ may sound like a paradox, but if the heel isn’t too high or if it isn’t too thin, plus if there is a little pump too, you should be able to walk just fine.  Boots are often more comfortable than sandals because there is just more shoe to support your foot, but if your hot date happens to be in the summer, you’ll obviously wear a sexy pair of heels or wedges. Yes, sexy. Going for a sexy outfit and a sexy shoe might send the wrong message, but if the dress is romantic, your footwear has every right to be sexy as long as it matches the style of your dress. Don’t wear a pair of new heels on a date because you just don’t know how they’ll behave on your feet, and opt for your favorite pair that never disappoints, gives blisters or causes too much pain.

3.     Just a Touch of Accessories

First of all, your hair is your greatest accessory, so you should style it whichever way you prefer for nighttime, keeping in mind that curls and waves are romantic and sexy at the same time. Straight hair can be kind of plain, but if you feel your dress and shoes are already making a loud enough statement, tone it down just a touch by styling your hair straight. No matter which hairstyle you choose, make sure you wear your hair down because that’s just the way boys like it. In terms of other accessories, wear a discreet necklace that accentuates that hint of your chest mentioned above, a cute pair of earrings if you have your favorites that make your eyes stand out, and a bracelet or a ring or two. Don’t go on a date looking like a Christmas tree because, despite the fact that most men don’t even notice the little details, most of them will be overwhelmed by so many sources of strong light and sparkles.