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Will online pharmacy kill offline stores?

Online shopping is taking market share from traditional brick and mortar stores. With the heavy influence of the digitalization and increased usage of the internet facilities, maximum number of people are relying on the online shopping portals for performing all the daily activities, including buying fruits, vegetables, groceries, clothes, booking home improvement services as well as buying medicines and drugs.

The medical industry is considered to have evolved the most with the influence of technology. The medical experts believe in digitalizing most of the process to reduce the paperwork and automate the medical industry. One of the most basic steps to future automation is the increased purchase from the online pharmacies. It often gets difficult to visit the medical store while suffering from chronic disease or disorders.

People often forget to buy the medicine due to a hectic schedule, in such cases, online pharmacy comes to the rescue. One can easily place the order with the online stores by uploading the prescription provided by the doctor or other licensed medical health care expert.

Most of the medicines are easily available at a comparative better price. With an online order of drugs and medicines, the delivery is made at the doorstep and online pharmacy also notify the buyer to refill the medicine in order to avoid missing the medicine or disturbing the daily health regimen.

Undoubtedly, online pharmacies like Canada drugs direct provide buyers with plethora of benefits and added services, but online pharmacies cannot kill the offline stores. Here are some of the points which state the need of the physical medical stores as well.

a. Self-medication is dangerous and the government takes all the precautions to avoid it. Online pharmacies do not provide people with medicine without prescription and therefore people will keep visiting the offline stores for emergency

b. It is difficult to get some of the controlled drugs as one need to provide the prescription to get access through it, the online stores make it difficult for an individual to get access.

c. Some of the elder people or the non-techy people find the online shopping tedious. Moreover, there are number of people who don’t trust the online stores and find it risky. Such people will continue visiting the local pharmacy store to get their medicines.

d. During some emergency health situation, one cannot rely on the online pharmacies as it will take some time for delivering the order. The delay in the medicines can prove fatal for the health condition and therefore, to deal with the medical emergencies the offline stores are mandatory.

Future is bright for those who can integrate online and offline pharmacies. For example, an order placed with a nearby pharmacy using an app, checked by a pharmacist, quality medicines dispensed and delivered within a few hours can be termed as the perfect service. Although the world is inclining more towards the online pharmacies which can greatly affect the profit rate of the retail sellers.

Online pharmacies provide plethora of benefits to the users which also cannot be overlooked. For the basic and regular purchases, the online pharmacy is the best available options as it helps one with the discreet purchase like buy Viagra, anti-depressant, buy erectile dysfunction tablets and personal healthcare products along with convenient purchasing 24*7 at a comparatively better price.