Five Reasons You Should Belong to a Church

For some people, going to church seems outdated. Why leave the house when you can watch church services on TV or the internet? Perhaps you’re busy, and you don’t see the need to rearrange your schedule. It might seem pointless, but it’s something every man and woman of God should do. Here are five reasons you should join a church and attend regularly. 

It’s God’s Will 

Many scriptures make it clear that God wants us to gather together to worship and learn about him. If you’re a believer, you should strive to follow God’s will in all ways. Being busy isn’t necessarily a good excuse — it indicates that you’re putting other, more mundane things before your devotion to God. Making God a priority in your life is important. It also pleases God, and who doesn’t want to please him? 

We Need Fellowship 

Belonging to a church means being part of a community. Scripture claims that whenever multiple people gather together in God’s name, he’ll be there. Gathering together in church makes us closer to God. It also brings us closer to each other. We spend most of our time surrounded by non-believers. We hear their messages and see their lifestyles. When we spend time with fellow church members, we are refreshed and surrounded by godly messages. This allows us to grow in faith. Being part of a church family gives us a chance to find mentors or to be a mentor to others. If you’re unable to attend services regularly for health reasons, it can still be helpful to join a local church and be part of the community. 

It Teaches Us God’s Word 

You should read and study scripture on your own, of course, but there’s something about having a pastor teach the word that makes it come alive. When we attend church, the sermons introduce material to us that we might not read on our own. It can also clarify points that we don’t understand or give us a deeper understanding. 

It Recharges Us 

Life can be difficult. The news is filled with terrible stories every day. The pressures of life build up throughout the week. Going to church gives us a refuge from all of that. When we worship God and fellowship with other believers, our spiritual batteries get recharged. It reminds us that, as dark or hopeless as things might seem, there is always help and hope. Several studies have backed up these benefits. People who attend church regularly experience less stress. They also live longer! 

It Helps Us to Grow

Attending church gives you the chance to help other people. You’ll be encouraged to think outside of yourself, and to find ways to make the world a better place. Many churches offer opportunities to get involved in bettering the community. Some offer mission experiences that could send you around the world. There are opportunities for leadership — you might find yourself stepping up to lead in ways that surprise you.