Getting Certified In Micro-blading

Microblading is a temporary tattoo that is aimed at shaping your eyebrows, it is a procedure that has gained popularity around the world and is now become an alternative for permanent make-up boutiques. For you to become a micro-blading professional, it is a requirement by law for you to be certified, however, accreditation shows your customers that you are well skilled and therefore can trust you to deliver the best of services. In fact, this will also help you in charging for your services- the higher the level of training, the more you can charge.

Look for an AAM or SPCP approved classes

Certification in the micro-blading field is provided for by the American Academy for micro-pigmentation and the society of permanent cosmetic professional and they do this to many of the English speaking countries. These two bodies ensure that the microlading institutions give value for money to their clients by offering courses that would ensure competence in the market place. Therefore, when looking for an academy to train, you must ensure that you go for the approved one and the records can be accessed in the SPC and AAM websites.

Look for institutions that offer more than 100 hours of training and practice

Micro-lading is a skill that is critical and therefore, for one to be perfect in it, they must have the right training and this requires enough hours of theory and practice. Due to the popularity that this skill has gained over time, many scams have emerged whose main objective is to hoodwink the unsuspecting clientele by offering short-lived courses that barely cover the course objectives. Look for an institution that would give training for not less than a hundred hours. This will give time for the theory and practice that you need to make a difference in the beauty world.

Get official documentation

When you have attended the training, you must ensure that you get the requisite papers from the academy. The certificate should contain the official signature of the of the instructor and the micro-blading certification Columbus seal. You should also ensure that you get photos when doing your practice and in class and any other proof that you successfully completed the course. You will need such documents as proof that you completed the 100 hours required by the AAM and SPCP. Certification will also ensure that your future clients have confidence in your abilities and this would give you an upper hand in the market world.

Get apprenticeship from a local technician

You probably have gone through the micro-blading training but you feel like you need more practice and furnishing of your skills. Look for a certified and well-experienced local technician, someone who will take you through the nitty gritties of the subject and provide enough practice. Again, AAM and SPCP have a list of certified micro-lading technicians and thus you only need to check through their online directory. As a certified micro-lading technician, you are better placed to handle the clients confidently. Again, your clients will have more trust in you than any other and therefore you are more competitive.