Qualities of a Good Swimming Teacher

Swimming is an exercise that is highly beneficial. Unlike many other exercises like skipping rope, which concentrate on specific parts of the body, swimming involves all parts of the body and therefore it is said to be the best form of exercise. Learning to swim can be challenging, and one needs a good tutor to perfect the skills.

However, not every swimming tutor is an ideal fit for you, and that’s why this article details some tips on choosing a swimming tutor.


A good teacher must have a passion for working with people of all types and class. You need someone who is interested in teaching swimming, and who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy as you learn. You have your goals and therefore the tutor you choose should be able to help you achieve such goals. Swimming should be fun, but can be discouraging especially when the teacher is disinterested.  A teacher with a passion stimulates his students and this pushes them toward achieving their goals!


Imagine the type of people that a swimming tutor interacts with… the young, old, middle age; the rich and all class of people. All these people are at different levels of communication and therefore the swimming tutor should have exemplary writing and speaking skills.

The ‘guy’ must be knowledgeable

Swimming is not a theory based subject but purely practical. Therefore, you need someone who is a swimmer and with experience in the sport. A newbie will have limited skills, and will hinder your learning. It’s more than standing at the pool end; you need someone who will keep your vision alive. With a good one, you understand the learning cycle. At Worldwide Swimschools, you are assigned to the best teachers who will explore the potential in you and give you the best experience.

Should be good in timekeeping and organizational skills

No one would want to work with a tutor who can’t keep time. You want to engage a teacher who would turn up for the sessions in time and fully prepared. A good teacher will plan their sessions to a time line and focus on goal setting. He should also guide the swimmers to be the best they can. Avoid tutors who appear knowledgeable but have little qualifications, experience or listed accomplishments on their resume.


A good swimming teacher is always honest with their student and respects them in all circumstances. You need someone who will make you feel safe during the sessions. This calls for a teacher with a high level of integrity!

The swimming tutor should be inspiring

Swimming is a challenging sport and sometimes you may feel discouraged. That is why you need a tutor who will always encourage you and show you how to achieve your goals. This is someone who will challenge you to do more than you expect while entertaining you.  Above all, a good swimmer will encourage you to believe in yourself.

Swimming is a great sport that once you learn, you will enjoy the rest of your life. Others have found a career in it and simply because they chose a great swimming tutor. Enroll for swimming lessons with swimming schools like World Wide Swim School, who have a reputation of having the best teachers and perfectly organized swimming lessons.