What to do if Your House is a Complete Mess

What to do if Your House is a Complete Mess

As time goes on people collect things naturally. Things that may be useful in the future, things that were helpful in the past. Things associated with memories that are taking up a ton of space inside your home. These things aren’t uncommon, especially the longer you live in your home. It can become overcrowded with stuff from your past. Often it can difficult to let go of some of these things, but there is a breaking point for everyone. When the stuff in your house impedes on your ability to live functionally in the house it is time to act.

Starting in almost any task can be difficult for some. Especially a task as big as de-junking your entire home. For some that could be 20 years or more of life that has accumulated, so it is best to break it up into smaller chunks. Starting with one room at time can help ease the burden of the entire home. When removing things finding a central location to dump them can seem counter intuitive. But depending on the amount of junk you might want to get a dumpster rental chicago. This way there is less stress with the amount of time you need to rent the dumpster. When multiple rooms have been cleared, and the things you plan on throwing away are all condensed into one room, you can efficiently use the time you have the dumpster rented for.

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is a huge challenge though. Often these items can be associated with memories. For things such as old home videos try to find a way to make them into a digital copy. Putting those videos on a hard drive doesn’t only make it easier to view, share, and enjoy but it will take up far less space than those stacks of old VHS tapes.

For other things consider when was the last time you saw this item or used it meaningfully. If it has been years it is probably time to throw it away or donate it. Old books, clothes, furniture, and more can all be repurposed and donated. This way those items you once cherished, but you have no use for, can be respected and valued by someone else.

Other things might hold no value to you and can’t be donated. But they could be recycled. For example, old magazines, books, and electronics, can all be recycled. These things shouldn’t be just thrown out. Normally you can find a local place that will accept these things for free and handle them in the best possible way for the environment. This can ease your mind when it comes to cleaning your home.

When it comes to a complete home cleaning it can be stressful and very daunting. Enlisting the help from a few close friends can help and try to make the process as enjoyable as possible. Sell the things with the most value, give away to friends or donate the items with less value, and recycle as much as you can.

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