What are the benefits of Carpet Protection?

What are the benefits of Carpet Protection?

You choose your carpet after a lot of deliberation, after visiting several stores to ensure you buy the best carpet for your house. Purchasing a good quality carpet for your home or office premises is a big investment. Hence it is important to protect it and clean it regularly to prolong its life and protect your investment.

On average a homeowner vacuums the house carpet once or twice per week. Vacuuming helps in removing the dirt and grime settled on the. However, professional steam cleaning equipment can clean the carpet from deep within by effectively removing the ground-in grime and getting rid of stains that haven’t been permanently set. Hence it is very important to have your carpets commercially cleaned whenever possible.

Regular commercial cleaning of the carpet is crucial for maintaining the look and health of your home. It will help get rid of pollutants like pollen, pet dander, and dirt. You can also ask the cleaner to apply a carpet protector on the carpet to protect it and elongate its life.

Benefits of Carpet protection

A carpet protector is like a barrier that prevents the fibers from absorbing dirt and potential stains. For example, if someone accidently drops a glass of wine on your carpet during a party. A carpet protector will prevent the liquid from damaging the fibers immediately. It will give you time to soak up the wine and clean the stain before it sets in. The carpet protector gives similar protection from stains of juice spills or pet urine etc.

The carpet protector not only helps resist staining but also makes cleaning easier. Because of the protector layer on the carpet, the dirt doesn’t get trapped in the fibers. The dirt just settles on the top of the carpet, which can be easily cleaned or vacuumed.

Most new carpets come with some level of protection but it won’t last for long. Everyday exposure can reduce the effectiveness and the protective barrier may break down.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Tucson? You can visit Sparkle Cleaners, they offer professional carpet cleaning services along with carpet protectant application services.

They use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best practices for offering the best carpet cleaning services in Tucson. Their process involves a specially formulated pre-treatment that helps loosen the grime from the carpet fibers. The next step is using a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine with hot water extraction for cleaning the carpets

They offer carpet protectant service along with their carpet cleaning services. The carpet protectant surrounds each carpet fiber with an invisible, protective layer that protects the fiber from spills.

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