Let’s Talk About Palm Oil Deforestation

Let's Talk About Palm Oil Deforestation

We have learned to be increasingly aware of the importance of developing products that help mitigate problems with minimal impact on the environment. We know that a product cannot be sustainable if it depends on the palm oil deforestation. Aware of this reality, all the parties involved in the production and consumption of palm oil have joined the initiative to produce in a sustainable manner that does not affect the biodiversity present in the area. This is an effort that involves not only producers and refiners but all the large companies that use palm oil as a vital part of their product manufacturing. It is a need that is also shared by millions of people who are concerned about this reality. Sustainable development is the key in our modern era.

Stopping the use of palm oil is not an option

Many people get driven by emotions and assume that the best option is to stop using palm oil or products that contain it, but the reality is different. Oil consumption has been present in human history for many millennia. Assuming that the solution is to stop using palm oil ignores the reality that it will cause demand for other types of oil to increase. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it takes 0.26 hectares to produce a ton of palm oil, while other types of oil need 1.25 to 2 hectares to produce the same amount. Palm oil is not only a versatile crop but also very efficient.

It is not necessary to deforest when it can be improved

We must accept the fact that the human being seeks to evolve by nature and this constant growth brings with it an increased demand for products essential in life. With the advance of time, more and more resources are needed to meet the needs of everyone, but this does not mean that the procedures to obtain them have to be repeated. We have been able to innovate in the manufacture of healthier products with the use of palm oil. In the same way it is possible to cultivate oil palms without the need to deforest. One of the actions that can be implemented in the short term is to use land that is not being used to its full potential. There are farms that have land available for planting but do not have the economic resources to do so.

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